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Композитор и певец: Aborted

Композиция: Parasitic Flesh Resection

Длина: 02:09


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Текст песни:

A quick grasp of insanity, cranial tissue in decay
A force fed tool of apathy I am
Parasitic life form, infesting my whole being
Necrotic fungus resecting organs to create...

From the realm of the dead I"m fed
Cracking open the coffin lid

Driven by a hunger, unable to grasp
A chemical reaction that campels me to grab
The axe, anxiously removed from its shelve
With an unpredescent joy I brutally hack

Psychonecrotic hallucinations,
as my skull begins to reek
With goreastic elegance I purge the weak

Parasitic life form
Rehashing the dead for its cause
The chopping of heads
A daily act of self-enjoyment

Cranial metamorphosis,
A forensic decrepit anomaly
Intestines turn into pulp
Axe wielding among the stiffs
Parasitic resection...

Aborted - Parasitic Flesh Resection
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