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Композитор и певец: A thousand years of plagues

Композиция: What hell's really like

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I’ve followed your game confused by fear, for all these years I’ve prayed for nothing, nothing was there. The more I see, the more I hate, I crush my knees into the earth to curse this day. Just face the fact, there’s nothing there, how can you talk about love when they treat you with a fucking hell and eternal suffering? When will they ever learn? There’s no heaven. I’ve felt filthy, I’ve felt behind, I’ve felt guilty, I’ve felt my demise. I’m not coming home, I will never call it back, cheers for me, I eradicate this empty fall. Sink on, sink on the ashes of the fallen. Look at his mouth with blood and your eyes blinded by tears, there’s no escape from this fucking empire, stop to wash our heads, together we march to hell, it's almost poetic. To hell. Destiny, destiny, no escape, its not for me, destiny, destiny bring the sorrows over me. Destiny, destiny, no escape, its not for me, destiny, savior. There are ashes all over the chapel, filled with fault. Blow me away, there’s no such a god or he’s not showing his face. Show your fucking face, they try to build a new type of basic Christian guy.

A Thousand Years Of Plagues - What Hell is Really Like
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